Friday, February 13, 2009

Word on the Street

I interviewed three people from quite diverse backgrounds and opinions. I found that while answers varied, their general views and opinions were quite similar.

All there knew little on the topic, except their relation to it. One was interested, generally. Another had strong opinions on immigration and how Latin Americans affected that person in their daily life. It seemed that none associated themselves too much with the audience with which I am blogging about. One opinion, which I tend to agree with, voiced that often, despite students being from other countries and such, sometimes, in modesty, we don't ask those questions and often we're left never knowing where someone may be from.

The experience was generally personal. One thought about going to Latin America (Costa Rica). One wished to learn more about the community in Norfolk and Hampton Roads. One only had negative experiences, but understood, vaguely, that generalizations never work. That person did not know if she would like more experience.

Where do they go to get information? They don't. Besides the news that trickles into the media or the events that they may cross paths with, this kind of information is generally lost or never known to my participants. Thus, there is nowhere else to go for this information, as I have had trouble finding this as well.

It seems that Latin American issues in Norfolk among non-Latin American's are one of misinformation (if any) and ignorance. Thus, it seems my blog is one of the only for the community on ODU's campus. All expressed vague intentions of following my blog, but, I feel, with little interest.

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  1. Very interesting. It seems like you have an excellent opportunity to bring a new voice to the conversation, change some misconceptions and fill a space that isn't getting enough attention and discussion.