Monday, April 27, 2009

Overall Reflection Post

I accomplished much for the first real blog I had ever done (I have since become hooked, and have started a blog, Latin American Musings, a few weeks after we began which averages 3,000 hits a month). So, in terms of original writing, ideas for posts, guidance in class and from peers, this project was successful. However, there is not much of Latin American community at ODU, so my project was a bust but I made the best of it.

I don't think I would have wanted to change my topic, I enjoy some of my pieces. However, I think I would expanded, narrowed - something - in order to make this more successful with better content that I just could not get.

I would have added more voices from people at ODU, but that was hard to find. I would have added maps to more of my posts because I dealt with areas away from ODU and it would have been nice for the reader to see those things (I did this on my post "The Dirty Side of Ecotourism"). I also would have taken more original pictures for my Flickr account, which I did get into a one time. I hope to correct that problem as I continue blogging.

Overall, I had a positive experience and hope to use a lot more tools in my future of blogging. I hope to use podcasting for the final project due next week. I may use the live call-in technology that Lauren showcased. This blog opened my eyes to possibilities and now I am running with it.

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