Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Child Study Center

In an effort to better learn the Old Dominion campus, a scavenger hunt was requested upon us. We were to write clues for one another to help us get out and explore our campus. My clues were ambiguous in nature - like it was close to a computer lab - with a few specific ones, like those who attend are under supervision. This could lead one only to the Child Study Center.

If you're late coming to school around 4 o'clock, it is often this useful service that is holding up traffic as parent's are picking their children up after work. But it is so much more than just a kindergarten class.

According to its website, it "serves as a cooperative link among the university, community, and early childhood, special education and speech pathology/audiology programs of the university." Through teaching it provides an outreach to the community providing "in-service education, consultation, and clinical service to the local community, agencies, institutions, and school systems."

While I visited the Child Study Center after before 4, I did not see any parents or children outside playing near where the picture above was taken. But the goals of the university are probably being well implemented into the education we're giving the children, as well as the great service for the parents.

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